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Saturday, May 4, 2019

DG of Local Content Agency Inspects Supermarkets

 A team led by the Director General of the Sierra Leone Local Content Agency (SLLCA), Fodeba Daboh has on Friday May 3, 2019, made an on-the-spot visit to eleven supermarkets in the western area.

The Director General’s tour is synchronized with the vision of the minister of trade and tourism, and by extension President Julius Maada Bio for ‘Made in Sierra Leone’ products to be globally acceptable.

The Director General wants to ensure that the managements of the various supermarkets are complying with the ‘Made in Sierra Leone’ provision in the Local Content Act by ensuring that the local products are available in their supermarkets and placed in a strategic shelf that is visible by costumers.

The director general gave an updated list of Made in Sierra Leone suppliers to the management of the supermarkets.

The supermarkets visited include: Goodies Supermarket at Murray Town, Foodland Supermarket, Delicious Hyper Supermarket at Aberdeen, Goodies Supermarket at Juba, Freetown Mall Supermarkets at Wilkinson Road, Adnan’s Supermarket at Wilkinson Road, Freetown Supermarket at Wilkinson Road, Nassim Supermarket at Spur Road, St. Mary’s Supermarket at Hill Station, Stop and Shop Supermarket at Hill Station, and Choithram’s Supermarket at Siaka Steven Street
Evaluating the supermarkets, Mr Daboh said that the Stop and Shop Supermarket has no sign of made in Sierra Leone. He suggested that he want the made in Sierra Leone sign at Supermarket to be displayed and foreign products to be removed from the Shelf of Made in Sierra Leone.
He said that the the Made in Sierra Leone Products is not placed in one shelf at Choithram Supermarket.

“The ‘Made in Sierra Leone’ sign should be bold and hanged at the top of the local products. It is the government priority to ensure that local products are prioritized. The local food products should be placed in one shelf,” he told the management of Choithram Supermarket.

Giving his remarks after the tour, the Director General said, “We have a mandate to promote local goods and services. As part of our work, we should ensure compliance among these supermarkets. So today I thought it fit to execute this tour with directive from the Minister of Trade and Industry and the President.”

He said Made in Sierra Leone products remain key priority to the government that is why he decided to take his team out to ensure that Sierra Leonean products are displayed in each of the Supermarket for visibility, and to listen to some of the concerns of the supermarkets owners.

“I am very much impressed because most of the supermarkets displayed the Made in Sierra Leone products except for few supermarkets that feel that it should be business as usual, but I was clear to let them understand that this is a priority for the New Direction government,” he said.

He added that the local products should place in a shelf that is visible to costumers, “as soon as they enter the supermarkets, they should be able to see the local produces”.

“For the few supermarkets that are not complying, we will be coming to make another tour at any time. We will continue to make this unannounced visit at any time until we see that the ‘Made in Sierra Leone products are displayed in the right position,” the Director General said.

He said that he does not think that supermarket owners will not comply with the provision in the Act because the law is the law because Local Content Act was created by Parliament, and as an agency they are there to implement the Act and ensure compliance.

He said there are clear offences and penalty column in the Act if someone flouts those laws.
He said that he was very impressed with the welcoming most of the supermarket managers clearly manifested to them that they are willing to promote local products.

Speaking on the concern of low suppliers raised by the Supermarkets, he said, “Anywhere we visited, we gave details of our supplier’s list to the management of the supermarkets so that these suppliers can be contacted when their products are needed. Meaning, we have a comprehensive database for all the ‘Made in Sierra Leone’ suppliers. As a key action point for this visitation, we are going to call the suppliers into a meeting to address this concern.”

Mr Daboh added that they will also build the capacity of the suppliers in terms of quality standard and management so that their products will compete in the international market.

He disclosed that they are planning to take the monitoring across the country to ensure that ‘Made in Sierra Leone’ become strategic pillar in terms of transforming the local economy of the country.

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