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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Dozens Conned in Job Scam

Dozens of unemployed youths have accused the Sahid Coltom African Mineral Mining Company of 1A Munu Drive, Waterloo, of duping them millions of Leones on the pretext of offering them jobs in Australia.

The firm had allegedly taken between Le6,000,000 to Le9,000,000 from each of the job applicants, according to the affected youths. The payment was meant to process their travelling documents.
The youths alleged that the company initially told them that the program was free, but later they were asked to pay for the program.

One of the aggrieved youths, Ibrahim Conteh, a resident of Fourah Bay, said that they have been in the program for over two years with no sign of travelling to Australia.

He said that they were initially told that the government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Labour had put a halt to the program, but officials of Sahid Coltom African Mineral Mining Company told them that they will use plan B to ensure that they travel to Australia via the Republic of Guinea.

“We agree to their plan B, and that was when they asked us to pay another Le500,000, after we have paid for the processing of many other documents in January this year,” he said.

He said that after waiting for some time, they were told that the chief facilitator of the program Mr. Osman Bangura (Junior), Managing Director of Sahidcoltom Security Company, will have to travel to Australia and New Zealand to facilitate their visas. He said that this did not materialize.

Ibrahim said after waiting for almost two years without positive outcome, they decided to confront Osman Bangura Jr. for their monies, because it was part of their arrangement that if the program did not go through their money would be refunded.

“Osman Bangura assured us that our money will be refunded to us. He later called us to come and collect our monies. He only refunded half of the money to some of our colleagues while some of us refused to collect the half money, ” he said.

Mr. Conteh alleged, “ Osman Bangura Jr. called us recently and said that if we want to continue the program we should now pay the sum of one thousand dollars, which we did not agree to. We asked him to give us our complete money if there is no travelling opportunity.”

“We have been finding and calling him for our monies in the past few days, but he is nowhere to be found,” he said.

Dominic John Bangura, another victim, allegedly that the program was a fraud, claiming that since they started the program nothing has come out positive. He claimed that they have been given dates to travel more than 30 times, but all was a scam.

He said, “We have been on this program for over two years and now the facilitators of the program are in hiding because we have been pursuing them for our money.”
The aggrieved youths called for the intervention of the government to ensure that their monies are refunded.

Speaking to Premier News Via WhatsApp, the CEO and Managing Director of Sahidcoltom Security Company, Mr. Osman Bangura Jr. confirmed that he was indeed part of the Australian travelling program but denied receiving money from any of the applicants.

Mr. Osman Junior Bangura said, “The fact is I’m aware of the oversee recruitment but I did not take a cent from anyone. If you have evidence to the effect then publish the story.”

He said that he did not run away neither abandon his office. He said he travelled to Lunsar to solicit contract for his security company. He said that his phone was switched off because he had no telecommunication coverage where he was.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security said in statement on Thursday that, the license which was granted to Sahid Coltom African Mineral Mining Company to operate an Overseas Employment Agency, has been revoked with immediate effect.

“The public is here by advised to have no dealings with Sahid Coltom African Mining Company or its representatives relating to Overseas Employment of Sierra Leone in Australia. The public is hereby advised that anyone who transacts any overseas Australia recruitment with Sahid Coltom African Mineral Mining Company does so at his or her own peril,” the Labour Ministry said.

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