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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Guma Valley Launches Orange Money Payment System

 Guma Valley Water Company in collaboration with Orange Sierra Leone on Wednesday May 14, 2019, launched Orange Money payment system at the Guma head office in Freetown.

The Director of Commercial Service, Guma, Mrs Eunice Tejan said that up to 2012, Guma was collecting charges from one point which is the head office and few banks.

“In 2012, we increased to four payment points with the creation of the three area offices: East, West and Central. In 2014 - 2016, we added more banks to the payment points. The collection in 2012 - 2014 was about Le 600 million, which increase to about Le 1.2billion in 2016, and it moved to about Le1.8 billion in 2018, and we are now rotating around Le 2.1billion as a result of the increased payment points,” she said. “This is an indication of the power of increasing point of payments.”

She explained that Mobile money in Africa offers a promising tool for one of the most enduring and widespread challenges on the provision and payment of safe water. “The technology is indeed leading the world into a new era and Guma will not be left behind. The technology is bringing with it a dramatic shift in the global economy. We can now interact with our customers, our communities and other stakeholders,” she said.

She emphasized that emerging mobile money options have the potential to: increase revenue collection, which is needed for service providers like Guma; and improve and expand access to water services. “On the commercial side, this represents a market in which mobile network operators like Orange can potentially build or retain customers to boost transaction volumes, coupled with regular water consumption patterns,” she said.

She disclosed that for the water sector in many African countries, mobile money speaks to the key challenges of revenue collection that leaves several millions uncollected within a year.

Mrs Tejan added that mobile water payments can potentially bypass the obstacles of cash payments.
“Mobile payments in water sector can increased revenue collection; and can help provide the reinvestment needed to improve and expand Guma to hard-to-reached areas,” she said.

The Strategic Marketing Director of Orange Sierra Leone, Abibatu Baxter said that today is another exciting day for Orange Money as they partner with Guma Valley Water Company. She said Orange Money is new. “We just see how technology is bringing the two friends together in Sierra Leone,” she said.

“We are excited to partner with Guma because the company brings to its customer what matters to them,” she said. “Customers usually complaint of the long queues they make when paying their bills at the various cash points, and at the end of the day, customers end up owing Guma millions of Leones.”

She said that this partnership will address the queuing challenges at the various cash point. “This partnership is basically for our customers to see how best Guma is efficiently in increasing it revenue and also to provide convenient to our customers.”

She said that Orange Money offers technology of paying your bill at your convenient time, adding that “it means you have 24 hours to pay your bills at anytime. Also you don’t have to move to pay your bill, you can pay your bill anywhere at any time.”

Mrs. Baxter stated that you can get the service at anytime and everywhere around the country. “Not paying your bill should no long be an excuse as it is very safe, efficient, secure and easy to use to pay your bill, as you will have you digital receipt that you will keep and Guma will have your record,” she added.

“We are hopeful to have a fruitful partnership wherein we developed together the water sector of Sierra Leone more revenue driving for Guma to developed their sector and to better Sierra Leone.
Explaining how to Guma payment with Orange Money, She said that you can use the service by dialing #144# and you follow the instruction by selecting option number three to make payment, then you select five for Guma Valley,.

To avoid the long queues, she called on Sierra Leoneans to pay their water bill via Orange Money.

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