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Friday, May 10, 2019

Police Rescue Two Women From Forceful Initiation

Personnel of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) in Daru Town have rescued a class four pupil Baromie, 12, and her mother Kadiatu Massaquoi from forceful initiation into the Bondo Society at Salowa Village in Kailahun district.

The two were brought to a temporal abode at the Kenema Police Division, but they lack clothing and food.

Massaquoi was born in Segbwema but resides at Salowa village to mine gold.

She said in an interview on Monday May 7, 2019, that a group of women from Bondo society over the weekend came to their house accusing her daughter Baromie of interfering and violating the laws of their Bondo secret society, of which she is not a member.

According to secret society members, Baromie and a member of the society were laundering at the village stream when she made comments against the Bondo Society which they considered as a violation of the laws of the secret society.

As a result of this, a member of the secret society reported her to the leaders of the Bondo society, who wasted no time to get to the child’s resident to take her to the Bondo bush. But the parents of the child prevented them from taking the child to the Bondo bush.

The child’s mother, Madam Kadiatu Massaquoi said that after informing her husband Tamba Foday that members of the Bondo society wants to take their daughter to the Bondo bush, she met a large group of people at her residence who told her that the section chief wanted to see her. “We were again confronted by the chief and four others still demanding for my child,” she said.

She said because of her continuous refusal to handover the child to the members of the secret society,
“the members threatened to take both of us though I am already a member of the Bondo society”. “I told them that they cannot forcefully take my child away, especially when we are not prepared for any initiation,” she maintained. “The women became more furious with me,” she said.

She said luckily, she called the police in Daru Town, and the police led by Sergeant John Mannah, the crime Officer of the Daru Police Station, went to the chief. “As the situation got tense, the police decided to take me and my child to Kenema Police Division,” she said.

Sergeant Mannah said that they have referred the matter to the Kenema Police Division.

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